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I remember from a very young age that I believed that the human body was more exquisite than anything that I had ever seen. It's the movement of your limbs and the way that your skin glistens. Our bodies tell the story of our lives. Every mark, scar, freckle, line is from a different experience. Whether that's from the children that we brought into the world, or a lesson we learned, or our smile.

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-Sarah G.

I wanted to do a boudoir shoot as a gift to my husband but felt pretty nervous to step out of my comfort zone. Before beginning to shoot Perry calmed me by letting me know that there are no rules! I could be as clothed or unclothed as I would like to be. Perry was encouraging, laid back, and so understanding throughout the whole shoot! She put on some of my favorite music to help me relax and let loose as well as listening to me and helping me pose in the positions that made me feel and look most confident. After receiving the INCREDIBLE pictures back, I looked at my body completely differently. Every picture made me feel beautiful, strong, confident, and even sexy. I can't encourage others enough to schedule a boudoir shoot with Perry!

Perry is a wonderful photographer and has such a great personality! She made me feel so relaxed and confident during our photo shoot and all of the picture she took were absolutely beautiful. I will be utilizing Perry’s amazing talents again in the future and can’t recommend her enough!

- Sydney C.

Boudoir shoots can easily put you into a very vulnerable position, but with Perry I felt extremely confident and comfortable. From the start I wasn't nervous or worried at all. It was a relaxing, fun environment and overall was a very positive experience. Perry was very fast in getting me my photos back so that I could give them to my husband as a wedding gift. He absolutely loved it and that photos are something that I will cherish for a lifetime. I can't thank Perry enough!

- Kiersten D.

While shooting with Perry, it was a fun environment! She had great support and enthusiasm that made me feel relaxed and enjoy the shoot.

- Allison H.

Perry is AMAZING! I have done a few shoots with her and this was the first time I did a shoot of just me. I was a little nervous but Perry made me feel like a natural! She was so great at directing poses and making sure I looked good. I would recommend her to anyway and can't say enough good things!

-Kayleigh R.

Perry is the most wonderful photographer!!! She has an amazing eye for beauty in even the simplest things and moments. Boudoir shoots can be scary and intimidating, but Perry made me feel sexy and comfortable and we had so much fun! I would recommend boudoir sessions with her for anyone who wants to see themselves in a different way. She highlights each persons specialness and creates beautiful photos!

- Amy R.



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